Crypto invest - cesta k bohatstvu. Fidelity will start offering bitcoin in (k) accounts : NPR

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Many investors are pouring their cash into crypto — with the youngest segment making up the crypto invest - cesta k bohatstvu. Subscribe to the Select Newsletter!

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crypto invest - cesta k bohatstvu

Shopping recommendations that help upgrade your life, delivered weekly. Sign-up here. Investors may purchase coins for various reasons, whether it's with hope of turning a quick profit, the potential for long-term growth or just to get in on the excitement.

Some young investors, however, are choosing crypto over investing for their retirement.

crypto invest - cesta k bohatstvu

And herein lies the problem. And it's even more important if your employer offers a k contribution match hey, that's essentially free money. But saving for retirement doesn't need to mean missing out on crypto if that's something you're really excited about, Molina says.

If you have a khe recommends you contribute at least up to the amount your employer will match and then think about buying crypto with the extra funds you have leftover.

How Much to Invest in Cryptocurrency, According to 5 Experts

Most cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens see significant price volatility, which is why it's seen as a risky choice for many retail investors. For those whose companies don't offer retirement benefitsprioritize opening a tax-advantaged traditional or Roth IRA before setting aside money for crypto.

crypto invest - cesta k bohatstvu

You can find IRA options offered through many national banks, investment firms, online brokers and robo-advisors. Select narrowed down those offering the best IRAs for all types of investors, as well as the best Roth IRAs for growing your money tax-free.

Don't invest in crypto before a 401(k) or IRA, warns these experts

Charles SchwabFidelity Investments and Betterment made both rankings. Bottom line Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency because it has performed well in the past or because you feel pressure seeing everyone else do it, it's important to first prioritize your retirement funds.

Crypto's past performance doesn't necessarily mean it will continue to do well in the future, and FOMO isn't a solid reason to get involved, warns Molina.

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Investors curious about crypto can get the best of both worlds by first contributing enough to their k to meet an employer's match, if offered, or funneling funds into an IRA. Remember, diversification is key to a successful investing portfolio. Catch up on Select's in-depth coverage of personal financetech and toolswellness and more, and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

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