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This is because the markets for commodity option structures have many of the features we require The paper models the ADAB process in financial terms as an exercisable opțiune binară liberă option that accrues value from the differential rates of volatility between asphalt and concrete In particular, while regulators would be responsible for setting wholesale access terms, the market would be left to price the risk in NGA deployment through the functioning of a commodity option market This study addresses the details of buying and granting calls, opțiune binară liberă, and doubles while discussing the major problem areas facing the commodity option market In particular, we show that Ricardo's and Malthus' different views on the role of consumption expenditure in promoting growth depend on Ricardo's acceptance Malthus' refusal of Say's law of markets and on Ricardo's exclusion Malthus' inclusion of a non-commodity option such as leisure from in the range of available consumption alternatives This suggests that a jump-diffusion model may be a plausible choice for modeling the stochastic process underlying commodity option prices