Forex sau cfds, Descoperă instrumentele financiare în care poți investi prin XTB:

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Minimum trading volume: The minimum trading volume for currency pairs is Please take into consideration the fact that derivatives have special trading conditions, rather different from spot instruments and thus carry higher risk levels. It is of utter importance for investors to make sure that they know and understand the trading conditions and specifications of each derivative before opening positions.

For any questions about these instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk tradeville. If you fail to do so, Tradeville may anytime close all your positions in order to cover the margin call.

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Spreads may fluctuate during times of market volatility. Finance Adjustments Our currency markets are traded 24 hours. Any trades not closed out by approximately AM will be subject to a finance adjustment credit or debit. Finance adjustments are made to trades held overnight i.

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For trades on currencies, this is calculated as follows: Trading positions shall not be closed to in order to make these finance adjustments.

If the first currency has a higher interest rate, then you are credited interest for running a long position and debited interest for running a short position. Forex sau cfds the first currency has a lower interest rate, then you are debited interest for running a long position and credited interest for running a short position.

Japanese Candlestick Basics for Forex \u0026 CFD Trading

EUR the exchange shall be made at the rate set on that day, within 48 hours as of closing the trading position. Throughout this interval, realized profit or loss shall undergo changes caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

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